The year in review for 2017


You may have noticed less posting this year by the CMC Collective.  It is not because we have gone away, but that we have been so busy we have not had time to post updates.  That said, be on the look out for more blogs in the coming weeks and months updating everyone as to the success we have been having both as a collective and individuals.

If you are interested in working with the collective or being a part of it, we have started having monthly meet ups that are organized through our facebook page.  So make sure to visit our page and check out when the next meeting is.  We are also working on a talk series for 2018, so stay tuned!

In the mean time here is a picture from our Spring 2017 CM UIW Final Presentation Day.

CMC Student Highlight: Erika Muth


The Convergent Media Collective would like to recognize Erika for her work this past Fall 2016 in the UIW Convergent Media I class.

img_5281Erika came into the class ready to try new things.  A regular DJ for KRTU 91.7 and music lover, Erika explored her creative side through two awesome projects.  The goal of Convergent Media I is for students to:  Make Stuff, Take Risks and Be Awesome.  Having a solid grasp of traditional production, Erika decided to take the motto literally and Make Stuff.  The results were two awesome projects!

EL Wire Sculpture Project-  Having an affection for neon signs, but being a college student on a budget, Erika decided to sculpt her project out of EL wire, a low cost luminescent wire.   The process was as amazing as the results.  It is always great to see students learn through their process and attempt different techniques.  Erika’s ability to problem solve along the way is amazing!  Check out her documentation video:

img_6225-1Sonic Pi-   Erika decided to really challange herself by not only constructing a Raspberry Pi setup, but also installing Sonic Pi, a sound programing language.  Her ability to create unique compositions, as well as familiar ones was amazing, especially since she was doing it with all open source software.  This kind of project is what Convergent Media is all about, aka exploring spaces that require risk and exploration to even dive into yet, yet master.

I would like to thank Erika for not only making great projects, but documenting them with such compelling videos and enthusiasm.  It is students like Erika that have made the CMC so proud of the UIW CM concentration!

I was also able to capture some in class footage of her presentations, which you can watch below:

Project: OpenED SA


oedsa-logoThe Convergent Media Collective has been very fortunate over the years to meet, collaborate with and document so many great initiatives.  Throughout the process of learning about the greater San Antonio, Tx area we began to take note of all the moving parts in the Art & Technology programming going on.   We also began to develop our own through attending maker faires, community events and going to K-12 schools and providing workshops and programming.

These experiences have influenced us so much that we have decided to dedicate a whole other website to document and brand our efforts in the Art & Technology community of the greater San Antonio, Tx area.

Our project is named openED SA (  The website will host many of the community outreach blogs we previously hosted here (we will keep sharing them here as well), as well as provide an interactive mapping feature and submission page for Art & Technology initiatives.

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-9-49-34-amFor a full explanation click on the image or here to read our introductory article titled “The Pizza Slice.”