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CM Spotlight: Charlie Young


Convergent Media Collective member, Charlie Young, introduced San Antonio to his new work which was curated by Lady Base Gallery, and shown at Studio Fantomas, located at 1906 South Flores. The exhibit was titled, “New Works by Michael Martinez and Charlie Young” which opened to the public on #SecondSaturday, which is a city-wide arts night in the Lone Star Arts District. Charlie is a graduate from the University of the Incarnate Word with both a bachelor’s and masters in Convergent Media. His passion has always been being behind the camera, but since this was his first post-grad art show, this exhibit definitely served as an opportunity for growth.

Before entering the gallery, there was a delicious spread of food including  dips, shrimp and refreshments that were provided by 375° catering. The gallery is small but quaint and filled with amazing pieces of artwork. Charlie’s work was displayed onto a plain white wall and guests poured in to see his portrayal of the culture he grew up in.

Catering was provided by 375˚ catering

Throughout the years I’ve focused a lot of my energy in taking portraits of clients…” says Charlie, “I couldn’t be happier with the final eighteen products.” This art show exhibits his ability expand his range of creativity and explore deeper meaning with his images. While visiting his hometown of McAllen, which is in the center of the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, Charlie took advantage of his surroundings and went out to shoot brand new imagery for this exhibit.

Charlie’s work displayed in Lady Base.

Charlie’s work was inspired by the challenges he faced growing up in South Texas, of growing up in a single-parent household and being one of the many Mexican-American citizens of Texas tiptoeing between cultures. His artwork speaks for itself, from pictures of hard-working women and men providing for their families to simply the foods that represent memories of what it’s like growing up Mexican-American.


For future projects,Charlie says he plans on putting on another art show like this one, “I’m always willing to collaborate with new people..” said Charlie “…and this was a wonderful platform to dive into the San Antonio art scene…” Charlie is looking forward to future collaborations and views this as a door-opening event, that helps bring in new minds and provides a stepping stone  for him to share his visions.

With his own version of digital-storytelling, he is bringing life and color to Mexican-American culture and opening our eyes beyond stereotypes. From his heart, through a lens and onto a canvas, for all of us to see and enjoy.

Everyone still has a chance to check out his work, Lady Base Gallery is open to the public for viewing and there will be an artist talk August 22, 2015 6-7pm.   There will also be a closing event on August 29th from 1-3pm.  For more information, visit

 Congratulations Charlie!

You can see more of Charlie’s work, ” Entrada: Cincuenta Centavos”, on his website,