Music & Movie Making in Texas Conference Spring 2024

  • Date:  February 23rd – 24th, 2024
  • Time:  Friday 7pm – 10pm Saturday 10am – 5pm 
  • Location:  Grand Stafford/LAAH 453 


Music & Movie Making in Texas – Creating Community is a collaborative conference hosted by the Media & Gaming Lab and the School of Performance, Visualization & Fine Arts.  The goal of the conference is to bring together regional creatives and academics to discuss and celebrate the projects and efforts around music & movie making in central Texas.  To attend the conference register for the event, lunch will be provided.  In addition to the conference, the Texas A&M’s School of Performance, Visualization and Fine Arts is sponsoring an EDM show Friday the 23rd, $10 at the door.


Friday Event

Friday there will be an opening show at the Grand Stafford Theatre Sponsored by the Texas A&M School of Performance, Visualization and Fine Arts featuring Monstercat, doors will open at 7pm with Texas A&M DJ’s performing.

Saturday Schedule

9am – 10am  

Media Studies Panel – This panel will discuss their current research and then collectively discuss current trends in media studies.

  • Anthony Ramirez Ph.D., University of Houston Downtown
  • William Campbell Ph.D., Texas A&M
  • Matthew Campbell Ph.D., Texas A&M
  • Patrick Sullivan Ph.D., Texas A&M

Moderated by joey lopez

10am – 11am 

Student Media Panel – This panel each present their organization for 5 minutes and then moderator Jonathan Guajardo will host a Q&A discussing student publishing.

  • A Line – Zoey Frederick & Sydney Ross
  • Cstat – Kang & Diego
  • Battalion – Sophie Villereal
  • SZNS Magazine – Kyle Heise

Moderated by Jonathan Guajardo

11am – 1pm

Lunch and Keynote

  • Max Nied Keynote  
    • 11:15-11:45
  • Lunch
    • 12pm Start serving
  • Other Keynote speaker
    • 12:30-1pm


BCS Music Scene Development

Creatives, designers, and other studios come together on a panel and discuss their involvement in the BCS music scene. This panel will focus on the development of a community based music scene curated for future generations to come. Their involvement, network, and expertise will be discussed as we celebrate the humble beginnings of the next hottest music scene right here in Bryan-College Station. 

  • Rolf (TAMU AMP)
  • Vortex (Damian Flores)
  • DC (Live Music)

2 – 3pm

Regional Bands and Music Creator Panel

Here we invite guests, both local and abroad to come and speak about their music and journey. We celebrate music making in Texas and feature artists, bands, and producers who contribute to the art form. These creators will come from a diverse genre and speak on their musical journey, their aspirations, and what they wish to accomplish with music. This panel will serve as a platform for artists who want to connect with others or their fans and reach deep beneath the music that they create.

  • Dylan Zientek (Performer)
  • 4kace
  • Daniel San (Music Artist)


Student Media Making Panel – This panel will consist of student media makers and professionals discussing student film making.

Moderated by Arden Duffield


Wrap Up – Conference Organizer Zayno will give a closing presentation.