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Summer 2021 Media Lab ReCap


So what happened this summer? You would think we would have taken a break right? Nope! The meetings continued almost every Wednesday this summer. Hosted through Zoom we had meetups almost every week. When COVID numbers were down we even visited the lab a couple times to ideate out the space for the fall.

The Zoom Meetups!

So what came from the zoom meetups? Well lots of great discussion. We had different participants throughout the summer with some great presentations that ranged from Chris Peter showing us The Wild Side, a show he and a colleague have been working on in their free time:

A production CMC member Chris Peter has been working on.

We also had Mark Solis of I Love Marketing give us a full rundown on the latest AR/VR marketing landscape as well as run downs on various social media platform summits. We also had many impromtu discussion about popular culture, film making and other personal/professional projects people are working on.

Take aways from the Meetings!

  • STUDENT FILM PROJECT: We also had student Kali J. pitch a narrative film project and have since turned it into a full production project with professor Jonathan Guajardo offering to be lead producer. Crew meetings and times will be released in the early fall, so stay tuned!
  • RESOCIAL: ReSocial is a project developed by Anthony Rameriez and workshopped throughout the summer in during the Media Lab Meetups. ReSocial is a research media group of social media and will be launching soon, so stay tuned. More information can be found at their website:
  • LAB EQUIPMENT & RESOURCES: Durning our meetings we also discussed equipment updates and purchases for the lab and made a list. As of right now we plan to order music production software, narrative film making equipment and some lighting and podcasting equipment. The hope is to facilitate a creative space feel for the lab where students can come and work on projects and have project meetings/presentations.
  • SHOWING TRAJECTORY: We worked on ideas for curating the Showing Trajectory group and creating an equitable selection committee, so we will be reaching out to have more people join the group.


What a great summer of meetups, we are super excited about the fall and putting into motion the plans and ideas that came out of our summer meetup’s, so stay tuned!

Media Lab Spring 2021 Re-Cap


Downtown Bryan Outdoor Meetup

The New Media Lab hosted its first in-person event of 2021 in downtown Bryan on March 30th. Led by Dr. Lopez, this meetup was joined by current and former students from COMM 230/250. Like our previous ones in downtown Bryan, this meetup welcomed students interested in asking questions and getting hands-on experience with video/photography. The meetup began with Dr. Lopez’s briefing and an introduction to the cameras and photography techniques. Then everyone walked around the historical downtown Bryan with cameras to discover different types of photography they could create with their surroundings and the golden hour lighting. The meetup wrapped with some night photography outside The Queen Theatre.

Showing Trajectory Talk Series

Created by Professors Joey Lopez and Jonathan Guajardo, Showing Trajectory is a lecture-based talk series highlighting the success of individuals and the paths taken to reach their success. On April 21st, 2021, Showing Trajectory hosted an online presentation “(Trans)parency in Academia” with guest speakers Dr. Sandy Stone, and Dr. Lucy Miller, whose talks brought a light to the experiences and struggles of trans individuals in academia. You can watch this talk and others on the Showing Trajectory YouTube Channel.

Curated Student Projects

COMM 230 (Communication Technology Skills) and COMM 250 (New Media and Independent Voice) are two of the communication technology classes taught by Professors Jonathan Guajardo, Joey Lopez, and Xiaofei Song.  We also regularly have graduate students interested in teaching technical courses teach sections.  We had the pleasure of Luna Wu teach this past year and Paige Jennings will be joining us this Fall 2021. 

Driven by the belief that the possibilities of new media and its related skills are infinite, the project-based media technology classes survey a variety of new media and media production skill topics, and foster passion-oriented learning. Considered non-conventional for some, the two classes aim to encourage students to explore new media skills based on their passion, and learn the skills through the creation of what interest them the most. Since 2019, COMM 230 and 250 have seen many new media enthusiasts from various major backgrounds joining the classes and experimenting with different media platforms, equipment, and skills. 

Each semester, instructors of COMM 230 and 250 create a collection of curated projects from the classes to be highlighted on The Convergent Media Collective’s playlist. Here are some of the most popular student projects from professor joey & Professor Song’s Spring 2021 classes:

Texas A&M Media Lab


This Fall, the winds of change blustered throughout the Aggieland Communication community. While new Freshmen shuffled throughout the halls of Bolton, eagerly finding their place among within this great university, a new force emerged in Bolton 113 as the Department’s New Media Lab took shape. Spearheaded by Associate Professor of the Practice, Joey Lopez, PhD and implemented by First-Year Lecturers Jonathan Guajardo and Xiaofei Song, the lab drew students from a variety of majors to the department to engage in all manner of media production and exploration.


While utilized previously as a makeshift flex-space room, Bolton 113 now serves as a place for students to work on their creative works outside the classroom, connecting and collaborating with other like minded creatives from all majors. Having spent a good portion of the summer transforming the space from its original studiously ornamented decor to its current maroon digi-styled existence, the Lab currently features a plethora of advanced equipment for students to experiment with. Over the summer, Joey Lopez secured a $10,000 Academic Innovation Grant grant to help equip the fledgling Lab. This grant provides the students with access to a wide assortment of industry-standard media equipment such as two 4K Sony SLR cameras, several 4K video monitors, as well as a variety of microphones and video recorders. As part of the Lab’s pedagogy, students are encouraged to check out the equipment at their discretion and make creative works, both as part of their COMM coursework as well as for their own personal growth and development. 

The first official New Media meetup took place on October 15, 2019 at 5 PM in the newly converted Media Lab. Unlike in other classes or organizations, students who participated in New Media meetups were never told what to do specifically with the equipment. Help would be provided to anyone who desired to learn more about any particular device, however, the Lab’s moderators would always encourage the students to think outside the box and make something they would be proud of and something they are passionate about. This philosophy is part of the core values that the Lab was founded on: Make Stuff, Take Risks, and Be Awesome. 

Organized into two parts, the meetups would begin with a facilitative discussion proctored by Dr. Lopez where the students in attendance would have an opportunity to share any projects they may be working on currently. Constructive feedback would then be provided by both their peers as well as the faculty members in attendance. 

Part Two would consist of an instructive portion led by Jonathan Guajardo who spent his time teaching the students the basics of the equipment the lab has to offer and would then let the students have in-meeting time to use the new gadgets they just learned about. Wandering throughout the expanses of the university grounds, the students would take the equipment all around Aggieland, telling stories, making media, and building a creative community wherever they went. Three of this year’s meetings (Oct. 15, Nov. 12, 19) were held on campus and one (November 19th) was held in the trendy Downtown Bryan area. At the last meetup, students were given the opportunity to walk around in a small urban setting and shoot video and photos of what they encountered along the way. 


Jonathan Guajardo and Dr. Xiaofei Song

Two new faces joined Joey Lopez, Ph.D. this year to build up the New Media program within the Communication Department: Lecturers Jonathan Guajardo and Xiaofei Song. Hired, in part, to implement the New Media curriculum proposed by Lopez in his first year as a Lecturer at A&M, the new faculty members taught two sections each of the 200-Level Communication Technology Skills course (COMM 230) with Guajardo teaching one additional section of New Media and the Independent Voice (COMM 250).

Jonathan Guajardo came from San Antonio where he earned his B.A. and his M.A. in Communication Arts from the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW). An understudy of Dr. Lopez during his tenure as an Associate Professor at UIW, Guajardo completed his Master’s Capstone project in the Alternative Pedagogical Methods of Black Mountain College and analyzed how they were implemented in the former ACTLAB at the University of Texas at Austin and the Convergent Media Program at UIW. Bringing 10 years in professional media production experience to Texas A&M, he also owns his own media production company, GA Media. A lifelong Texas Aggie fanatic, he currently is living a dream by teaching at Texas A&M and strives to teach his students to dream big and never stop innovating in their field regardless of what their career goals may be. 

Xiaofei Song came to Texas A&M from Pullman, WA, where she earned her Ph.D. from Washington State University (WSU). Xiaofei has a research background in socially constructed meaning of intimate relationship, nutrition literacy, and health communication with Indigenous population; and she has teaching experience in digital content creation and intercultural communication. Xiaofei believes the creation of digital contents not only help individuals to further understand a phenomenon, but also allow them to explore a way of communication that can better tell their stories. 


As the semester wrapped to a close, the New Media faculty found some time to reflect on all that had been accomplished this semester. In total, we established and outfitted an entirely new lab within the Communication Department for our students to use, organized four well-attended meetings, and met numerous students interested in working on projects as part of the New Media Lab. For the coming semester, we anticipate a New Media student organization to emerge with several students vocalizing that they would like to have one created and others who are currently working on drafting out a constitution and by-laws to present to the TAMU Student Government Association in the Spring. We are also looking for new opportunities to collaborate with other departments within the Texas A&M community and seeking new avenues for growth. All in all, TAMU New Media is on the rise. See everyone in Spring 2020 and Gig ‘Em Aggies!

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Student Projects from COMM 230 and COMM 250 Courses taught by Jonathan Guajardo, joey lopez phd and Xiaofei Song Ph.D.