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The TAMU COMM Media & Gaming Lab are hosting a virtual lecture series this November. Our first speaker was last week and she did an amazing job!!! This is part of the Media & Gaming Lab – Texas A&M Department of Communication joey lopez phd is the director of. His students are really into film making so he figured we would approach a couple film makers we know to give some talks and they all confirmed, it was awesome. We look forward to hosting even more series like this and including that many more artists and film makers we know. This is all through Zoom.

Here is the link:

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS SYMPOSIUM & Latinx Creative Critical Consortium


November 2nd, from 5-8pm Anthony R. Ramirez and joey lopez are hosting the Dia De Los Muertos Symposium thru Zoom as part of the Latinx Creative Critical Consortium which is taking place on Nov 13th at UT Austin.

We are proud to be hosting this virtual event, it is a collaboration between, UT Austin’s Latinx Pop Lab, SMU, Texas State, UT Dallas, Latinx Spaces, ReSocial and of course the Media & Gaming Lab – Texas A&M Department of Communication.

We hope you all can reach out to our graduate students and undergraduates you think would be interested in attending either or both events.

Here is the link to register for the Symposium (November 2nd, 5-8pm, Zoom):

Here is the link to register for the LatinX Creative Critical Consortium (November 13th 9am – 5pm, UT Austin):

Thank you all so much for your support.

Summer 2021 Media Lab ReCap


So what happened this summer? You would think we would have taken a break right? Nope! The meetings continued almost every Wednesday this summer. Hosted through Zoom we had meetups almost every week. When COVID numbers were down we even visited the lab a couple times to ideate out the space for the fall.

The Zoom Meetups!

So what came from the zoom meetups? Well lots of great discussion. We had different participants throughout the summer with some great presentations that ranged from Chris Peter showing us The Wild Side, a show he and a colleague have been working on in their free time:

A production CMC member Chris Peter has been working on.

We also had Mark Solis of I Love Marketing give us a full rundown on the latest AR/VR marketing landscape as well as run downs on various social media platform summits. We also had many impromtu discussion about popular culture, film making and other personal/professional projects people are working on.

Take aways from the Meetings!

  • STUDENT FILM PROJECT: We also had student Kali J. pitch a narrative film project and have since turned it into a full production project with professor Jonathan Guajardo offering to be lead producer. Crew meetings and times will be released in the early fall, so stay tuned!
  • RESOCIAL: ReSocial is a project developed by Anthony Rameriez and workshopped throughout the summer in during the Media Lab Meetups. ReSocial is a research media group of social media and will be launching soon, so stay tuned. More information can be found at their website:
  • LAB EQUIPMENT & RESOURCES: Durning our meetings we also discussed equipment updates and purchases for the lab and made a list. As of right now we plan to order music production software, narrative film making equipment and some lighting and podcasting equipment. The hope is to facilitate a creative space feel for the lab where students can come and work on projects and have project meetings/presentations.
  • SHOWING TRAJECTORY: We worked on ideas for curating the Showing Trajectory group and creating an equitable selection committee, so we will be reaching out to have more people join the group.


What a great summer of meetups, we are super excited about the fall and putting into motion the plans and ideas that came out of our summer meetup’s, so stay tuned!