BBZed Micron Super System


BBZed-founders-comdex-83Chris Hardee and joey lopez are proud to announce the BBZed Micron Super System. What started out as a labor of love with a deadline has become something of it’s own…

What started out at 10bitworks hakerspace founded by Chris Hardee and gained it’s legs in the garage of co-founder joey lopez, BBZed’s Micron Super System is literally a work of art that has taken the internet by storm.

Currently on display at the Blue Star Contemporary space at the Blue Star complex in San Antonio, Tx, the BBZed’s Micron Super System is a computer system that explores the notion of what it was like to use a DOS based terminal back in the 1980’s, as well as the experience of entering a username and password on a system.  From there the experience begins to look into the liminal glitch space, a world where everything seems fine and absolutely wrong at the same time.  Which some may interpret as commentary on the capitalist notion of success in the 1980’s when the difference between the have and have not’s became greater and greater and GREED was seemingly at an all time high…  Though some may not see that at all in the piece.  Some may think it is on the commentary of the idea of that passwords will always be un-encrypted no matter the effort. They may think that this piece is meant to shock people into the realization that they themselves may be the root password to their own desires in life.

Whatever your interpretation, we hope you enjoy our work and as founders we will strive to bring even greater products, with even great releases in the future!

-chris and joey


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