#CMTalkSeries: Converging Careers


#CMTalk Series

Date: Feb 25th

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Theme: Converging Careers


Name: Andrew Valdez

Title: Social Media in Higher Ed

My talk focuses on the innovative approach to social media in the higher education industry and how it has helped create an effective communication relationship between students and the college. I will also discuss how to visually communicate through engaging content and the bold new ways to capture audiences both online and offline.

Andrew Valdez is the Sr. Multimedia Specialist for Palo Alto College and leads the award winning social media efforts for the college. Originally from the small town of Natalia, TX where resources were thin and everything was 35 miles away, Andrew decided to start his undergraduate career at Palo Alto College. As a first generation college student trying to find his path, he was introduced to digital art through some of the courses there and quickly created working relationships with his instructors. While searching for ways to further study visual communication, Andrew enrolled in the Communication Design program at Texas State University where he graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelors of Fine Art.

After graduating with his B.F.A. and struggling to find a job, Andrew got hired as a Senior Multimedia Specialist at Palo Alto College partly due to the lasting relationships he created with faculty members while enrolled there. While diligently working full-time and making the most of his career, Andrew continued to pursue his education by enrolling in the communication arts graduate program at the University of the Incarnate Word. In May 2014, he graduated with a M.A. in Comm Arts with a specialization in Convergent Media and finally finished his A.A. in Digital Art from Palo Alto College. He has managed to combine his undergraduate and graduate education in a way that provides him with a diverse skill-set for a diverse industry.

Name: Christian P. Rios

Title: Insert Yourself Not Coins

Description: As the cliche goes, “times are changing” and no one is feeling it more than the people fresh out of University. Not everyone is going to make it in the industry they had their heart set on. My talk focuses on the way you can inject yourself into an industry without being hired by a big company or having great connections. We will discuss the video game industry as a prime example of how red tape, politics, inclusion, and old business models that haven’t aged well can keep you out of dream job, but also discuss how new channels and methods are available to create your dream career.

Bio: As one of the first convergent media graduates from The University of Incarnate Word Christian P. Rios has made his name creating social media presence for clients, producing viral videos, and trying to provoke how people feel about San Antonio media.

Born in San Antonio, TX he was introduced to film at Harlandale high school where he envied students in the production program. Since he was dedicated to Basketball he could not attend the film school, but he helped with projects, and always had friends involved.

After he was informed he did not qualify for financial aid he enrolled at Palo Alto Community College, and used what little scholarship money he had to pay for fall, spring, summer 1 & 2 while living in his car. The hardship motivated him to pursue attending a University well beyond his current social class. He chose UIW for it’s privileged ambiance feeling that if he could taste success through others it would rub off. He succeeded with mixed results ultimately deciding to return to the south side Harlandale community where he plans to impact his community through example. His latest venture is an arcade located on the west side near downtown called Dreamonoid’s.


#CMTalk Series

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