#CMTalkSeries: New Media making from abroad to the U.S.



Date: April 6th

Time:  7pm

RSVP: Facebook or email: jtlopez1@uiwtx.edu


PLEASE NOTE: We will be having our talk at UTSA Main Campus! Yes we are truly collaborating and building bridges yay!!! Thanks Mark McCoin!

Room ART 1.01.30 (UTSA New Media Studio), Art and Music building,
One UTSA Circle, 78249

Join the Convergent Media Collective for:

#CMTalkSeries: New Media making from abroad to the U.S.

The evening consists of Sebastian Bisbal and Rodrigo Carvalho, both new media artists who are currently reside at UT Austin in graduate programs. Sebastian is originally from Chile and Rodrigo from Portugal, both bring a perspective of new media approaches that transcend multiple spaces, cultural and social spaces. So join us to tune into some wonderful presentations about how they developed their passion and see examples of their work that is sure to amaze.

Rodrigo Carvalho


Synergies between sound, movement and image in audiovisual real time systems and environments.


In this talk I will share some of my work on interactive audiovisual systems for installations and performance work. With a wide range of typologies (from an experimental installation with mills and water, an av live act, or a reactive kinetic structure, among others) my focus goes to the relations and synergies between sound, visuals and movement in real time and on the transmutability of digital data between these three domains.
In each project I try to explore the different system configurations of inputs and outputs that can be used, and its expressive potential.


Rodrigo Carvalho (Porto, 1983), designer & new media artist from Porto/Portugal.
Graduated in Design (U. Aveiro-PT, 2005) and with a Master Degree in Digital Arts (U.Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona,2009).
Rodrigo’s work on live visuals, coding and interactive art involves a range of different outputs, from screen digital work, interactive installations, audiovisual live acts, or interactive visuals for stage performance. His work has been exhibited/performed at events and locations including: Sonar Festival(Barcelona, 2012),Mutek (Barcelona 2013), ISEA(Dubai, 2014), Ears, Eyes and Feet (Austin, 2014), VAVA showroom (Berlin/Barcelona/Porto/Paris, 2014/2015), XCOAX (2014) among others.
He is currently enrolled in a PhD program for Digital Media at the University of Porto/FCT under the UT Austin/Portugal Program. His research is focused on the relations and the synergies between sound, movement and image in audiovisual real time systems and environments.

Personal Website [http://www.visiophone-lab.com/] Research blog [http://s-v-m.tumblr.com/]

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