Convergent Media Collective collaborates with the San Antonio Food Bank


In late July we were asked by Marcos Hernandez to collaborate with his PR company and the San Antonio Food Bank.  The project would be for the “SA Goes Orange” September campaign by the San Antonio Food Bank.  We collaborated with them on some initial productions and helped them produce, shoot and edit some PSA’s they had developed.  In addition we developed some projection mapping installations, literally going rouge to some sites and running some tests 😀

It was a fun month.  And one that quickly educated the collective in terms of how we develop content for non-profits.

The end result were projection installations that got better and better over the course of month.  Sadly our last location was canceled, however we took our ideas we had for that day and implemented them at TEDx San Antonio.

We would like to thank the Food Bank for collaborating with us and giving us the opportunity to do some convergent media work for a non-profit that is out making a big difference in the 210.

Here are some clips and photos from the various projection days:

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