Convergent Media Showcase Spring 2014: Success!


Despite the fact that no one expected an audience of over 70 people, over 100   experienced the Convergent Media/Comm Arts Capstone Showcase.

Christian Rios aka Dreamonoid (UIW  Convergent Media ’12) kicked off the event with one hour of electronic dance music (EDM) while people gathered and mingled within the storied halls of the Institute of Texan Cultures. As a luminescent aura clinged to the faces of the presenters and their minds became entranced with dreams of future innovations, projects, and creations, a lingering feeling of depravity remained…instilled in the psyches of the audience. Their faces lit up like candles in the winter, warmed by the light of convergence emanating from the glow of Yebediah and the sweetness of the pan de dulce served prior to the event.

The night transformed the Convergent Media Program, while emphasizing the forging reciprocal relationships with institutions, communities, and families.

We look forward to making this a yearly event!


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