East Austin Gallery Tour- The Getaway Motor



Sometime during the summer joey received a random phone call from a New York women about collaborating on an east Austin art project.  After some initial back and forth on the details it was decided we would project and DJ outside the venue and bring some “culture” to a “high culture” event.

What happened was amazing.  The collective came together and put a set list of music and videos that exuded our own cultural experiences over the past few years.  Joel and Andrew collaborated on a masked video project.  Christian made a Rob the Original video (he also DJ’ed) , Johnny made a collective abstract piece and joey made video called “pieces of my mind” which reflects on his cultural experiences since moving back to San Antonio.

Overall the experience was great, the artist works inside were very diverse and offered many unique pieces of art.

So thank you to the East Austin Gallery tour for allowing us to collaborate and show our work.  It was a blast and we were happy to be a sponsor.

The following are videos that were played over the 2 screen video projection system at the event:

joey lopez’s “Pieces of my Mind”

“I created this video as a look into how I create and what I have been experiencing since I moved back to San Antonio after living in Austin for 10 years.”


Joel and Andrew’s Convergent Media retrospective

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