OpenED Jam Re-cap


We initially helped consult with OpenED Jam CMC co-founder joey lopez and member Mariah Villarreal came up with the idea for the conference. We helped develop a video and helped with the development of the social media campaign of the event. We also consulted on various aspects of the actual “day of” and coordinating of DJ’s, speakers and other components of the conference.

We are proud to say the event was a huge success! It was hosted at Rackspace (A big thank you goes out to them for being forward thinkers!) on August 14th, 2014. OpenEd Jam had an international attendance with presenters and key note speakers from all over the world. Attendees came from across the nation, as well as across our city to participate in what turned out to be a very informative conference about open education. The presentations were not only paper driven, but demo driven, with multiple workshops showing how open education can be approached from software, hardware and cultural/social aspects.

Key note speaker Walter Bender not only gave a stellar keynote speech, but also held an early morning child oriented workshop where he worked with a group of kids and taught them about programing and robotics.

Joseph Prusa, one of thought leaders in the first wave DIY 3D printers gave a talk about his work that gave attendees an idea of how DIY projects have been being integrated both in the University and in K-12 education.

Local presenters from Palo Alto College presented on their open education initiative, it was great to see how San Antonio’s local community colleges are keeping pace with some of the latest trends in education around the world.

On the last day of the event, OpenEd Jam teamed up with Cafe Commerce and the San Antonio Main Library to host the final keynote speaker Joseph Prusa, as well as a hackathon. The maker day was sponsored by SparkFun who provided a wide array of hardware. We had awesome attendees like Brandon Wiley, Mike Perez, Jeremy Zunker and Mark Barnett attended the final day that helped new comers to concept of a hackathon and gave hands on help that really built a sense of community between everyone by the end of the event.

OpenEd Jam even had DJ Jason Torres (A frequent speaker of the CMC Talk Series) come and perform during the event. Jason’s performance was awesome and involved all creative common’s licensed works.

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