CMC Highlight: Ernesto Cuevas creates the Brown Buffalo Mural on the Westside


Ernesto Cuevas is an artists the Convergent Media Collective has enjoyed following as he produces works that inspire and enrich so many.  CMC member joey lopez had the pleasure of catching up with Ernesto as he worked on “The Brown Buffalo” mural project that PBS commissioned him to produce in the spring of 2018.  The mural was commissioned to celebrate the release of “The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo,”  a documentary that explored Oscar “Zeta” Acosta Fierro life, a counter culture and Chicano icon.  Ernesto was charged with finding the wall.  Rochelle M Acevedo Law Offices offered their business’s street front side for him to paint a mural. Ernesto then reached out to local youth whom he taught in the past to help with the mural and set out on creating a mural that was representative of Oscar “Zeta” Acosta Fierro in all his forms.

In this short interview by joey lopez, Ernesto highlights his thought process and gives insight to the significance of the mural.



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