ACTLab 2019 Conference


I (joey lopez phd) was able to make it out to the 2019 ACTLab Conference for the first day, first presentation and wow did it impress!

Happening in Austin, TX at the Vortex Theater, the 2019 ACTLab Conference was organized by Heather Barfield along with the support of many ACTLabbers like Jon Lebkowsky and Sandy Stone.

While I was only able to attend the beginning of the Conference due to scheduling conflicts, I was able to catch Honoria Starbuck’s workshop. It was great to see a room of familiar faces and new ones alike. Honoria laid out her premise for the workshop, which was to have the audience create their own “How-To” abstract pieces of art. I worked away quickly on mine and then walked around recording everyone else’s work. What I didn’t pick up on til half way through was that not only was she having us make these pieces of work, but that we would be exchanging and doing interpretive performances of the works. It was a hoot to watch the performances. It took me right back to Make Stuff, Take Risks and Be Awesome. I want to give big shout out to Honoria for putting on an awesome workshop and rejuvenating my spirit!

Here is a short video I created that documents the workshop & some photos:

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