The CMC collaborates with Boost Logic


joey has been involved with Boost Logic for nearly five years.  One of the very cool things about Boost Logic is they have always been welcoming to joey and his students to visit and learn about the automotive industry.  In the last three years Zohair Jaffery, owner of Boost Logic, made a critical decision to transition from not only being a leader in the Toyota Supra platform but to begin developing cutting edge Nissan GTR packages.

This year Boost Logic’s transition has been one of huge success and as such, documentation of this transformation needed to occur.

Having produced videos for Boost Logic in the past, joey approached Zohair with the idea of bringing in The Collective to develop a new style of video where a slide arm and proper lightening would be used to showcase the car’s build.

Fran Trechta, a member of The Collective offered to drive up to Austin and teach anyone interested how to light a car as well as how to use a motorized slide arm.

The results were amazing. As you can see in the video, The Collective’s working knowledge of production skills grew.  In addition Boost Logic garnered a video that showed off the Nissan GTR BL1500 package in a very appealing format.

In addition to the GTRBL1500 package video, the collective was also able to collaborate on the Al-Anabi & Boost Logic GTR1500+ dragster project.  Over 6 months Joel, Johnny and joey documented the build and drag strip runs.  It was amazing to see an international collaboration taking place, with people flying in literally from all over the world with one goal:  to make one of the fastest GTR’s on the earth.  They succeeded and the video and photos we captured help exude that to the world.

Through open minded for profit companies such as Boost Logic, rapid hands-on learning has been able to occur for both students and community members of the collective.  Thank you!

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