The Convergent Media Collective Applies to 2014 SXSW EDU


One of the first conferences that came onto our radar was the 2014 SXSW EDU Conference.  The deadline was late July 2013, in the midst of our group coming together.

We quickly decided to pitch our philosophy as a talk and put together a team of panelist we felt was well-rounded and representative of the group.

sxswedu-social-mediaOur application was completed and submitted on time. After submission, the application goes live on the conference website where the public votes via a panel picker.

We had a whole social media team put together for this effort to to help get word out and hopefully earn votes.  As there was no official ticker, we tracked our votes by social media “influence” and we seemed to be in the top 10-20 percent.

Unfortunately we recently found out we were not picked as a panel this year (2014).  So why are we posting this?  Because failure is worth reporting.  With failure comes learing.  Something we at the Convergent Media Collective feel is a critical part of being a cutting edge innovative group.

So keep an eye out, we may be at SXSW EDU 2015 or another conference near you!


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