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CMC Covers Speaker Design Event at Dreamonoid’s


On July 14th, 2018 joey lopez, co-owner of Dreamonoid’s HiFi hosted a speaker design meet up. Now for those who don’t know, joey, a CMC co founder, has been into audio since he was a young kid and recently along with UIW Convergent Media Gradudate Christian Rios opened Dreamonoid’s HiFi a British centric HiFi store located in the Westside of San Antonio, TX.

Christian and Joey’s Families have a deep roots on the Westside of San Antonio with ancestors who once owned a bakery just blocks away from the shop and have had many generations of families who have lived in the neighborhoods.

Before Dreamonoid’s became a HiFi Shop, Christian briefly ran an Arcade called Dreamonoid’s and it was know for having a great atmosphere and vibe.

As Christian and joey transitioned Dreamonoid’s to becoming an HiFi store they focused on keeping that vibe as well as growing the types of gatherings.

For those new to HiFi, the simplest way to describe it is:

“A turntable, amp and speakers for for the home”

The HiFi systems joey and Christian focus on is called Rega, which is a turnkey from turntable to amp to speakers solution who design and manufacture their equipment in house in the London area in the UK.

As you may notice from the pictures, Dreamonoid’s hosted the 2018 ACTLab Conference’s show and tell night. It has also been known to host artist talks and CMC monthly meetings from time to time.

With our ACTLab motto of “Make Stuff, Take Risks and Be Awesome” joey got to thinking about Audio events that blurred the line between HiFi and audio design. After having attended the River City Audio Society’s meetings since 2010 he felt it might be cool to co-host a technical event where audio enthusiasts geeked out about the art of HiFi design.

Having made many friends and colleagues throughout the years both in person and online he decided to reach out and contact various designers and speaker enthusiasts about giving presentations.

He contacted Scott Hinson, an Austin Audio Society member he met online. Scott is an Audio Engineering Society member and speaker designer. Beyond his qualifications, he is also a great presenter and teacher, which the CMC can always appreciate.  Scott agreed to give a presentation on basic two-way speaker design and a demo on crossover networks.

In addition to Scott’s Hinson’s presentation, Brian Salazar, founder of Holt Hill Audio in Andover, Massachusetts agreed to FaceTime on the day of the presentation to talk about a pair of speakers he had sent to Dreamonoid’s in the spring.  Mutual friend and noted artist and graphic designer Ernesto Cuevas had put joey in contact with Brian after learning about their shared passion for HiFi.

Dreamonoid’s invited the public to attend the meeting and reached out directly to the River City Audio Society to cosponsor the event, which they were more then happy to do.


The event was amazing, knowing that interest in the principle of speaker design would attract a small group of enthusiasts, Dreamonoid’s setup the event to be very personable and hands on.  With 8 attendee’s everyone got to introduce themselves and share their passion for audio.  And like any good CMC event, Dreamonoid’s provide cookies and drinks.  The first part of meeting was dedicated to speaking with Brian Salazar of Holt Hill Audio through FaceTime.  It was so cool to have him give a tour of his space and talk about the unique projects he currently had in his shop.  He then gave a nice in-depth talk about his Holt Hill Cionnsaile Monitors (Recently reviewed by Positive Feedback) which we had at the shop.  After the interactive FaceTime attendees played some tunes on the speakers and got an idea of what the speakers sounded like.

Then Scott Hinson got setup and he gave an amazing presentation about two speaker design discussing frequency response, impedance charts, crossovers types, etc.  In addition to this presentation, he demonstrated his findings by bringing a special set of two way monitors with no built in cross overs and hooked them up to a special box that contained 3 cross over variants that were switching on the fly through LED buttons he had installed.  The attendees were amazed at how vastly different each crossover made the same speakers sound.  They also loved how they could switch to various crossovers on the fly.

The event concluded with a consensus that a meet up where a full demonstration and tutorial on how to perform speaker measurements would be awesome.  Scott offered to give the tutorial, joey is working on lining up a facility.  So stay tuned for the next event!

Overall it was great to see the audio community come together and celebrate audio design and HiFi all in one event.  And of course some great music was played!

Dreamonoid’s HiFi

Website:  Click Here

Facebook:  Click Here

Location:  1711 Guadalupe ST, 78207

River City Audio Society

Website (Yahoo Group):  Click Here

Facebook Page:  Click Here

Holt Hill Audio

Website:  Click Here

Facebook Page:  Click Here

2018 ACTLab New Media Conference Re-Cap


And so, this year’s ACTLab Conference came and went…

From May 18th through May 20th, over 30 participants, 10 presenters, and 2 keynote speakers filled the esteemed halls of the Institute of Texan Cultures for 3 days of unparalleled technological and cultural discussions. The level of engagement among participants captivated everyone present, and it would be remiss to say that what took place was anything short of a true confluence of thought on the rapidly morphing field of new and emerging media. What follows is an attempt in vain to capture a mere portion of the menagerie of the weekend’s happenings:


The overarching themes of the conference included robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, big data, civic engagement, unity, contemporary hacking, cyber liberties, conference documentation, digital archiving, cyborg culture, theater and ACTlab/Convergent Media lore.

A consensual highlight among all attendees was Jason Scott’s presentation about his journey as a digital archivist and his work with  He shared some very thought-provoking insights into the collections he curated, including his work on video game archives and the concerted effort to have in-browser video game console emulation.

Brandon Wiley’s presentation on cyber liberties spanned the theoretical framework of why cyber liberties and obtaining creditable news sources remains paramount in our current geo-political climate to showing off custom designed wireless hardware devices that utilize the Iridium satellite network when internet blackouts occur.

Stan Renard gave a big data, geo-location rich presentation about the music industry landscape in San Antonio, TX which led to great discussions about big data in general. The presentation also covered an array of civic engagement topics  comparing and contrasting Austin and San Antonio’s metropolitan cityscapes.

Show and Tell

Part show and tell, part demo day, Saturday night resounded as a huge success among all attendees.  The event evoked an environment similar to an “ACTLab Final Presentation,” consisting of several key components, including  pizza, creative projects and cool working demos.  Some highlights of the night included joey lopez, ph.d demonstrating a 300 in 1 Radio Shack-developed synthesizer and Jeremy Zunker and a friend presenting the “Z Fader,” a ground-up fader for scratch DJ artists.  They showed their process from conceptualization to circuit board creation to DJing demos.  Aaron Peña also showed off some data visualizations and Knut Graf showed off two of his custom built synthesizers.

Another crowd pleaser was Brian Ledden, who showed off his “Fulgore”, a custom built flash projection device that syncs with your DSLR to project images in your photos.  Heather Barfield showed excerpts of her cyber liberties based play that sold out all three nights at the Vortex and Kevin Welch presented on Cyber Techwoir and the intricacies of technological existentialism in film over the past 50 years.   To say the least, some amazing demos came out of this conference, and the attendees enjoyed a weekend of new ideas, concepts and innovations, topped off by an awesome group photo by Brian Ledden.

In Summary

The conference went so well and reviews by both attendees and online attendees came back so positive that we have agreed to host another ACTLab conference next year.  Heather Barfield, director at the Vortex in Austin, TX offered to host the conference with date TBA.  We look forward to developing this conference over the coming year, and if you  have an interest in participating or being a sponsor of our next conference please contact us at:

Special Thanks

Organized by the Convergent Media Collective and the ACTLab Community, the conference was hosted and underwritten by UTSA’s Institute of Texan Cultures; catering was provided by Sabor Cocina Mexicana  and  Marvaz Events and Catering Service; and Dreamonoid’s HiFi provided an epic creative space for an Saturday night’s presentations and demos. The Convergent Media Collective would like to formally thank everyone involved in making the 2018 Conference a reality and looks forward to many more partnerships to come.

Additional Information

2018 ACTLab New Media Conference at the Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio Texas Actlab Facebook Page:…

Actlab Event Page:…

A talk Series by The Convergent Media Collective…

San Antonio Conference Venue:…

Ernesto Cuevas, Artist, Graphic Designer and Community Advocate


Written by:  joey lopez phd

This is the mural I met Ernesto at. He was one of the facilitators and I (and my wife) was a community participant.

It is always a pleasure to have new collaborators join us.  I have known Ernesto Cuevas for some time.  He has attended a couple of our meet ups.  But I met him initially through a community mural project I participated in and then further when I documented his Barrio Works project on our blog.

Recently Ernesto and I began working out together at the gym (gotta stay healthy to Make Stuff).  Our work outs have basically turned into weekly platicas where we share our work and creative ideas together, many of which have trickled into the CMC realm.

An example of Ernesto’s ability to bring community into his art.

Ernesto’s experience as an Artist, Graphic Designer and Community Advocate has been a humbling yet amazing journey to hear about.  Ernesto’s ability to engage communities to develop their own identities and express them through intermodal art murals, canvas work and other mediums has been very inspiring.  His own journey of growing up as a son of migrant farm workers definitely gives a foundation to his own art work that transcends into the 21st century in a very beautiful way.  Working both on Canvas and digitally with a Wacom, amongst other mediums.  Ernesto’s ability to create unique works that tell stories of both personal and humanistic adversity gives patrons of his work a visual experience that leaves them wanting to see more.

Owning a Hi-Fi shop, I love this piece.



One project we have collectively been discussing is a series of children books that explore various experiences as a youth.

So Ernesto the Convergent Media Collective tips our hat at you.  Your Art work and Community Advocacy is inspiring.  And last but not least, Ernesto’s graphic design as you can imagine is very professional and on par with some of the greats.  We look forward to future collaborations and wish you the best of luck as an artist and professional graphic designer!

Check out his websites:

Artist Site:

Graphic Design Site:

Online Store:

Click on the gallery below to check out some of his awesome work.